Spa Etiquette: What You Need To Know

During our quiet, quarantined times, one of the biggest questions on people’s minds is how they can relax. Understandably, because the relaxation of your home is lessened when it’s your workspace, gym, and to some, a veritable prison. Presumably, this is one of the reasons online therapy and long walks have become such prevalent activities in recent months.

However, there is a better way to relax, and when approached safely, it’s possible during these trying times. Spas in Calgary are a great way to relax, and they provide a much-needed break during the stressful times of your life. Although, if you have never been to a spa in Calgary, it can be a daunting first experience. 

Check out these etiquette tips to get the most out of your relaxing spa experience. 

Etiquette Tips for Spas in Calgary

Of course, the most common question people ask about spas is what to do during a massage. How much do you disrobe, and are you required to speak with the massage therapist? Fortunately, this is a widely known fact in the industry, and many spas will take great care to make sure you feel comfortable and content during your massage.

Improved circulation gives skin a natural glow

With this being said, honest communication can make the massage much more enjoyable. Just ask the massage therapist what you should do, and they will be happy to provide you with the right information. Before you disrobe, let them know what you are expecting and see if your expectations align with the massage therapists. 

Another common issue that you might encounter is figuring out what’s included in your spa day. This information should be available on the spa package website, and you can clarify your expectations at the start of your appointment. If there is a service that isn’t included in your package, you may be able to change it with a service that is. 

As long as you communicate clearly with the spa, and your requests are reasonable, most spas in Calgary will be able to accommodate your requests. Otherwise, if you are concerned that your request will be ignored, feel free to call ahead and confirm your appointment and services so that you and the spa are on the same page.

Find the Right Spa in Calgary

Make sure that you find the right spa in Calgary to get the most out of your spa day. Remember, this is for your relaxation and stressing about how it will go, or if you make an etiquette mistake, shouldn’t be a part of the experience.

This is easily done with reliable and professional staff that takes the time to ensure your comfort and happiness. 

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