The Best Packages At A Day Spa In Calgary

Are you looking for a day spa package in Calgary that will make you feel like you’ve gone on a holiday? If you are, Oasis Wellness Centre & Spa can provide you with that experience with our range of spa packages.  We have crafted a list of spa packages that will appeal to every-body!

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Oasis Wellness Centre & Spa has a range of spa packages that can suit your needs and help you get the experience you want. All our packages include multiple services, so you get a full and exciting experience. 

Some of our most popular options include:

SYNERGY | An indulgent escape for 2! 
A delightful getaway! A 60 minute couples massage will fade away the outside world, a couples pedicure lifts the spirit and treats your feet. Indulge your sweet tooth with Bernard Callebaut Chocolates. Perfect for couples, bridal parties, mom & daughter, or friends who need to reconnect and relax 2hrs and 15 min

With 60 Minute Massage: $500 MY Oasis $420
With 50 Minute Massage: $460 MY Oasis $390

ULTIMATE OASIS | For the Spa-goer on your list!
Experience total relaxation for a day or throughout the year. Includes a $400 gift card The MY Oasis Membership (valid for one year), AND a FREE Spa Service on your second visit!
Perfect for the avid spa goer!


BRILLIANCE | Pure chill…
Release all of your tension and anxiety with a package guaranteed to make time and space disappear. An hour of Hot Stone Massage melts away stress, an Essential Body Wrap dissolves all distractions. Round out your experience with a TEYE Facial. This package is the recipe for calm. 3hrs

$448 MY Oasis $378

RENEW | For a twinkle in their eyes and a spring in their step!
An Oasis must for anyone looking to uplift their spirit. Includes a one-hour Therapeutic Massage, TEYE Facial, and Signature Pedicure. 3hrs

$368 MY Oasis $308

PERFECTION | Stress? Now you see it, now you don’t.
Dissolve tension and renew your glow! A blissful hour of Hot Stone Massage melts away tension, the TEYE Facial calms the senses and nourishes the skin. 2hrs 

$298 MY Oasis $258

Essence | An Oasis Essential! One hour therapeutic or relaxation
massage, followed by our Soothing Signature Pedicure..

$240 MY Oasis $200

With all our spa packages in Calgary, you’ll enjoy a complimentary robe and slippers, as well as an invitation to relax in the eucalyptus steam room.

Our packages can always be adjusted to suit your experience. All you have to do is contact our team and speak to them while booking your appointment.

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Join us, and feel better today.  We’ll make your experience with The Oasis extraordinary.

Find the Perfect Spa Day Gift Certificate in Calgary at the Oasis Spa

Give a relaxing and amazing experience at our spa with our Spa Package Gift Certificates. You will be able to find something that will whisk them off their feet. For more information on how our day spa packages can work for you, and how our spa therapists can make you feel like you’re getting away, contact us today! Reach out by calling us at 403-216-2747 or emailing us at