A Romantic Relaxing Couples Massage In Calgary

Do you want to experience some quality time with your loved one? Do you want to enjoy something luxurious and intimate? Are you seeking to reconnect? A couples massage in Calgary is the perfect recipe for a romantic, engaging and fantastic experience.  

An intimate celebration, our couple massages will bring you together to enjoy a calming, refreshing and sensual experience, that will balance your body, mind and soul. Our qualified therapist will create a relaxing atmosphere that will melt away any worries or stresses while leaving both of you reconnected and revived going forward. 

For a relaxing and invigorating couples massage in Calgary, make your appointment with us today. 

Our Couple Massages Are The Perfect Gift

The perfect way to reconnect and relax!

90 min Couples Massage – $400  MY Oasis: 90 min – $360
60 min Couples Massage – $300  MY Oasis: 60 min – $260
50 min Couples Massage – $260  MY Oasis: 50 min – $230

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Enjoy More Than A Couples Massage In Calgary With Us

The Oasis Wellness Centre & Spa is so happy to book you and  your partner up for an indulgent Couples Massage. But we offer more than that! We have a range of spa experiences that can loosen you up and bring you back to life. 

From hot stone massages to pedicures, from facial treatments to therapeutic massage in Calgary, we can offer you the experiences that will brighten up your week. 

Don’t miss out on this journey to relaxation with your partner, friend or loved one!

Start your Membership with Oasis to get your couples massage, or book your first experience today. 

To do so, you can email us at request@experienceoasis.ca or call us directly on 403-216-2747.