Supporting local businesses is more critical now than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, especially small and medium-sized businesses. Without the support of the investment community, stock market, and consumers, local businesses have been making harder decisions throughout this year.

Investing in local businesses helps keep our community strong. Property and corporate taxes help build our roads, employ public service workers, create diverse opportunities and offset the costs of residential living. However, our local entrepreneurs are not only responsible for helping to support the government.

They also create jobs, contribute to local industries and purchase their supplies from local producers. It is the collective effort of all our local businesses that drive industry and create opportunities for our generation and the next.

Now, some may look at these positive benefits and not see the value for themselves as consumers. Still, the reality is that one of the groups that stand to benefit the most from shopping local is the customers themselves. Unique products, higher-quality goods and dedicated service are all possible with local companies that receive community support.

Plus, when it comes to community initiatives like feeding the homeless, donating food, collecting winter clothing or reinvigorating older areas of our city, it is our local businesses who step up to the plate. They provide donations, support and time to ensure that they are doing their part or the community.

So, this Christmas, do your best to make every gift have two meanings. First, the importance of sharing a present with your loved ones to showcase the depth and love in your relationship. Secondly, the gift of giving back to your local community so that we can prosper together in the new year and beyond. Happy holidays and we look forward to serving you soon!


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